The Earth In Our Hands

We are part of the Ecological Landscape Alliance, who are leaders  in sustainable approaches to landscape design, construction, and management. As part of the mission to design and manage with sound ecology as a priority, our work illustrates how the many challenges of our world can be met through design, maintenance, and management of yards with the same passion for preserving natural spaces and as naturally and eco-friendly as possible.   

The second part of our mission is to provide solutions to the problems of landscape mismanagement. We have many ways to help homeowners do right in the yard or garden, and save money. 

We recognize that our urban yards are not just for ornamental value but serve as habitats for native pollinators, and small mammals, carbon and storm water sinks (ecological land care), as well as healing places for humans.  We positively affect the environment with quiet and naturally organic land care (no blowing, no mowing, no toxic chemicals).  Our work is led by the only registered Ecological Land Care Professional in Los Angeles.

Our approach to yards is simple – focus on eco-land care and proper horticulture practices, and your landscape will thrive without the use of harmful chemicals or noisy power equipment. Using ecological and organic land care strategies that are based off science and observing our native plant communities, we make every effort to manage properties to benefit humans, plants, carbon, water, and wildlife. We recognize the negative effects that the American standard of yards with synthetic chemicals and power tools has on the environment and humans, so we follow the sustainable practices and standards of the Ecological Landscape Alliance.