Bluebird In The Coal Mine?

Posted on Mar 19, 2018

A growing body of work is sounding the alarm about the destructive effects of man-made noise on wildlife and our ecosystems.  Anyone familiar with the constant noisy landscape practices of leaf blowing, mowing, chain-sawing and shearing will understand the connection.  For example, noise from a leaf blower in the garden disrupts birds ability to communicate with each other and that stresses them out.


A new landmark study by Kleist and co-workers published in the prestigious journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found a clear connection between persistent noise (and its dirty fuel) that a bluebird population was exposed to and adverse effects on the bluebirds fitness, health and survival.  The study has important implications for the survival of wildlife, humanity and the planet.


Here’s the article posted by the Florida Museum of Natural History – Noise Pollution Causes Chronic Stress in Birds, with Health Consequences for Young.  We encourage you to read the article and see the pictures: