Dear Landscapers

Posted on Jul 17, 2017


Dear Landscapers,

This is a call to raise the bar of our industry. Hit and run landscaping makes a mockery of the art of landscape gardening.  The primary tool you use in your outdoor janitorial work is the leaf blower. This is one of the reasons that drove us to become dedicated ecological gardeners. We believe that the use of leaf blowers are an affront to the communities in which we work. Of the landscapers arsenal they are one of the easiest to misuse. They cause dust and particulate matter pollution including heavy metals, fecal matter, fungus spores and toxic chemicals, they cause gas and oil exhaust pollution and noise pollution. They threaten human health including auditory, respiratory and nervous system health. They threaten animal health for these same reasons in both domestic and wild animals, they threaten beneficial insects (like bees), they threaten plant health with the dust and they threaten soil health in the form of denuding.

Some claim to be improving the landscape with their ‘Mow, Blow and Go’ landscaping but we beg to differ. Enough is enough! It is not okay to destroy the sound-scape, the air and the soil in our communities in the vain pursuit of a neat and tidy (yet sterile) landscape, especially when rakes and brooms can do the job just fine. This in No Way is a word against the workers using leaf blowers. They are just trying to earn a living and are the ones most at risk. Every single one of us including the workers will benefit from moving away from the leaf blower.

Join us! Take the No Leaf Blower Pledge!