When Is The Best Time To Plant In So Cal?

Posted on May 17, 2017

A successful approach to plant installation is based on plants natural establishment rhythms, not project deadlines. Planting in summer can be very risky, especially in the hot Valley’s and interiors of Southern California. Here, we spend most of our time planning not planting. Contrary to popular belief, planting in the Fall is bad, too. This is because the microorganisms and the plants are at their weakest, soil moisture levels are at their lowest, and critters eat anything that is weak an has green on it. December to February are typically the best seasons for most transplants, particularly California natives. This allows the roots to become established before the heat of the summer. The exception to the rule are warm season vegetables, riparian gardens and some desert plants, too.

thomasdesign4perinnielarrangementIn the end, great plant installation practices result in successful landscapes. Our goal is for every transplant to live and for all seeds to germinate at first attempt. If this is achieved, a newly planted landscape will be truly sustainable, limiting the reliance on replacement plants, fertilizer and continuous irrigation.