Posted on Oct 5, 2016


Want to recreate this wavy look? The “lawn” comes from rolls of native mow free sod.

California’s punishing drought has produced one positive effect: local gardens have gained some freedom from the expectation of the classic green lawn. More and more gardeners are removing lawn in favor of landscapes that look good while using less water. 

Replacing a lawn with a full-fledged garden is one approach, but sometimes there’s an advantage to retaining a simple green surface using lawn alternatives. These areas can be fairly easy to maintain, are good places to lie down or play, and, depending on the choice, may tolerate some amount of foot traffic. They can also show off larger specimen plants in a yard.


This short grass-like sedge even grows in the shade of a tree.

Once mature these plants will only need  water once or twice a month depending on the weather.

So, choosing to save water doesn’t mean you have to give up the green.



Yarrow is a tough, evergreen plant that makes a good lawn alternative. It can be mowed or let got to flower.