Eco-Friendly         Gardens 


Real gardeners don’t use leaf blowers.

Great gardens and healthy values can go hand and hand.

We can reclaim biodiversity and habitat in our own back yards.

Our landscapes can be a source of environmental change.



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GET THE EXPERTISE YOU NEED TO TURN YOUR LANDSCAPE INTO A SOURCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE!  Forget about nonstop weeding, fertilizing, watering, mowing and blowing. With the right planning and gardening, you can have a landscape that reduces your carbon footprint, conserves water and is naturally sustainable.  Most homeowners understand the value of gardening in a sustainable manner, but many of us need guidance on how to do it properly. Every day, we unwittingly make poor choices for the environment when we are simply trying to beautify our landscapes. Something as simple as choosing the right plant for the right space can greatly reduce the impact we have on the earth.